Terberg introduces electric and hydrogen PTO for construction industry

10/11/2021 9:40:52 AM - Terberg Techniek

Terberg Techniek introduces an Electric Power Take-off (E-PTO and E-PTO-H2) for the construction industry, which urgently needs solutions to comply with stricter regulations on the emission of COand other pollutants. The E-PTO is developed to replace conventional power take-offs commonly used on trucks to use the power of the diesel engine to drive other applications at building sites.

Concrete mixers and truck loader cranes

The E-PTO is already in operation at a one of the largest European producers in the cement business. It is mounted as a completely self-contained module on a concrete mixer truck. This allows the truck to shut off the engine when in stationary mode at building sites. The E-PTO can be equipped with custom lithium ion battery packs and an optional hydrogen module. The hydrogen module enables fast refueling at H2-stations, just like with trucks or cars. Another new application is powering the hydraulic pumps of truck loader cranes. With enough power to provide up to 400 bar, the E-PTO can drive 2 hydraulic pumps per segment of heavy lifting truck loader cranes.

Electrification as a new strategic direction

With the introduction of the E-PTO, Terberg Techniek initiates its shift towards electrification, a rapidly growing market. Using the EV-technology and the hydrogen innovations of the Terberg Group, Terberg Techniek can add its expertise in truck modification to build powerful solutions for truck-related applications. “With our history and track record, we know trucks. More importantly, we know heavy applications and the rough environment on sites around the world. Using EV-technology and the application of hydrogen opens up a whole new perspective”, says Guido Schoeman, General Manager Engineering of Terberg Techniek.

More innovation

At the workshops of Terberg Techniek another innovation is already well advanced. Guido Schoeman: “As with the cranes, we can also power the hydraulic system of excavators. Only now we have to fit the hydrogen fuel cell module under the hood of the excavator. We are currently working on a first project with a worldwide manufacturer. When we showed them the technology, they immediately decided to go ahead with the project. That was the obvious choice, because clean power can help their customers to comply with sustainability regulations.”

For more information

For more information about the E-PTO, contact Guido Schoeman at Terberg Techniek on +31 30 600 62 60 or send an email to GSchoeman@terbergtechniek.nl