Terberg Techniek has traditionally specialised in chassis lengthening and shortening. Where required, we modify powertrains, re-position air systems, hydraulics or electrics, and shift components as necessary. In addition, we can perform the following modifications: wide-spread installation of driven tandem axles, hydrostatically driven front axles (X-Track), the installation of an additional steered Volvo pusher or tag axle, and more.


One of our core products is the Terberg Techniek Modular Axle Configuration System (TTMAC); a conversion package to install an additional steered pusher and/or tag axle on Volvo trucks. The system provides electrohydraulic steering and allows the axles to be lifted. Thanks to its modular construction, a wide range of configurations are available.

The TTMAC range offers a choice of axles, in both pusher and tag types:

  • Volvo 9 or 10-tonne, steered pusher axle
  • Volvo 10-tonne, steered tag axle
  • SISU 11.5-tonne driven, steered pusher axle

  • The Volvo axle is provided with lift function as standard. When the vehicle is loaded, the axle automatically lowers. An air dump function is available as an option to assist with traction.

    The steering system is controlled using Terberg software and a combination of Terberg and Volvo components. The steering geometry, based on the vehicle configuration, can be adjusted in the software, providing a high degree of freedom in positioning the axle on the vehicle. The axle is steered only when necessary, i.e. not when in the lifted position.

    Finally, Terberg Techniek not only fits axles, but also helps to prepare the vehicle for a specific configuration, and ensures any approvals required are obtained for the modifications. The construction, steering and wheel suspension are completely integrated into the vehicle. TTMAC is used across the world.


Do you require higher load capacities whilst retaining the same number of axles?

We simply re-position the rear driven axle of a tandem axle. The axle spacing is extended from 1,370 to 1,820 mm and the rear axle is made steerable. With a wide-spread assembly, GVW can be increased by 4 tonnes, and comply with relevant legislation.

The following types are available:

  • 6x4 T-ride: GVW increased from 29 to 33 tonnes
  • 8x4 T-ride: GVW increased from 39 to 43 tonnes
  • 6x6: GVW increased from 29 to 33 tonnes
  • 8x6: GVW increased from 37 to 41 tonnes

Both tandem-driven axle types have hydraulic suspension. Steering and height adjustment are controlled by the Terberg SBC (single-board computer). The automatic height adjustment ensures that the chassis is at driving height at vehicle speeds above 5 km/h.