Terberg Techniek’s branches in IJsselstein, Hoogeveen and Baarlo are fully equipped to straighten and align truck chassis, trailers and semi-trailers. State-of-the-art equipment is combined with traditional craftsmanship.

  • Terberg Techniek uses Bee-Line and Josam equipment and specialises in straightening truck, trailer and semi-trailer chassis and other structures.

    For straightening we use hydraulic cylinders that exert up to 60 tonnes of pressure on the chassis. We also use an induction unit, which heats the steel and aluminium locally for a few seconds. This makes the straightening process more efficient, whilst retaining the strength of the chassis.

    Once a chassis has been straightened, the vehicle is aligned. Terberg Techniek employs Truckaligner 2 aligning equipment. Alignment essential following damage repair. Additionally, carrying out annual inspections and aligning when necessary saves fuel and prevents unnecessary tyre wear.

  • In order to properly maintain and repair Terberg Techniek modifications, it is important that technicians are well trained. By training Volvo technicians, workshop managers and other after-sales staff of dealer locations and importers around the world, it is possible to provide the most direct service to the end customer. This service is available both inside and outside the warranty period.

    Courses are held at the headquarters in IJsselstein. If the groups of trainees are large, it is also possible to give the course on site at the Volvo dealer or importer. Depending on the course, the course consists of a theoretical part and/or a practical part. Courses can be specific to one type of modification, several modifications, or about working with the diagnosis software.

    By following the course the trainee is able to quickly and correctly perform work on the vehicles with Terberg Techniek modifications. This guarantees the end customer a reliable system, long life cycle and short workshop visits.

  • Terberg Techniek has a highly skilled balancing department. This department represents a real jewel in the crown and has become the premier place to have your drive shaft lengthened, shortened, inspected, and of course balanced.

  • Our branches in Baarlo and Hoogeveen provide maintenance and APKs (legally-required periodic inspections) for commercial vehicles and trailers of any manufacturer.

    Our Hoogeveen location is also an official service dealer of Renault Trucks. With highly-trained professionals and an extremely well-equipped workshop, we will be sure to keep you on the road. Our branches have extended opening hours. We are also able to provide courtesy vehicles.


    • APK
    • STEK
    • ADReM
    • Tail lifts
    • RAI truck-mounted cranes
    • BMWT