Broto Skylift Volvo FMX 12x4/8

2/8/2021 11:39:00 AM - Terberg Techniek

Terberg Techniek has delivered a very special vehicle for Bronto Skylift in Finland:

A Volvo FMX 12x4/8 with Terberg the X-Track system (Hydraulic Wheel-drive) on axle 1 and 2 for additional traction. We also added a 10 tons Volvo steering axle in front of the 2 drive axle to carry the complete weight of the vehicle.

Bronto will mount a skylift on the chassis, type S104HLA with vertical reach of 104 meter.

The Terberg X-Track System

With a push on the switch button the system can be engaged by the driver. X-Track will deliver additional traction on axle 1 and 2 till the vehicle speed of ± 12 km/h. Also an hydraulic diff.lock functionality is included, if one side of the truck is on slippery surface, the oil will be split to the other side, to guarantee the maximum possible traction. 

Also the roof of the cabin and cabin suspension has been modified, so the complete height of the vehicle including Bronto body does not exceed the 4.0 meter.

See below video for more information about X-Track