According to current legislation, bins, containers and skips may protrude only 400 mm beyond the rear underrun protective device (RUPD). Terberg Techniek has developed an extendable RUPD with a stroke of up to 850 mm. These units have an official European approval according to Regulation No. R58.

Our extending RUPDs can be fitted to vehicles with cable and hook lifts, where the bin extends more than 400 mm beyond the standard RUPD. Terberg extending RUPDs are also used on gully emptying vehicles where the hose reel overhangs at the rear.

Our extendable RUPDs can be adjusted mechanically, hydraulically or electrically and are available with a stroke of 400, 670 or 850 mm. They can be supplied as kits or Terberg Techniek can fit one to your new or existing vehicle. As an option we can provide a protective unit to ensure that the bin cannot be unloaded while the RUPD is extended.

Terberg RUPDs are standard available in Cataphoric immersion priming (KTL).
Terberg RUPDs are with special order also available with a sprayed zinc-aluminium coating for effective corrosion protection.

The units are supplied complete with a user manual, relevant documentation and drawings. Each model complies with the current Machinery Directive and is CE-marked.

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